Fly in the cockpit – The real flying experience

This is no ordinary flying experience. This is an opportunity to sit beside the pilot and feel the real fun of take off in a Cessna plane. Enjoy the real thrill of gliding pass the birds and feeling of weightlessness as you move up and down in the vast open sky.
Your introduction to the flying world starts right from the moment when you reach the air strip. You will be introduced to the airfield, aeroplanes, pilots and engineers who weave the magic of flying for you.
Cessna is one of the safest aircraft in the world. You’ll be allowed to sit in the cockpit along with the pilot (max 3 passengers). This is that unique experience which you’ll never like to forget. Right from the take off run to the journey up into the sky and landing; you’ll be thrilled like a child. Interact with the pilot, see the different meters and needles in the cockpit going up n’ down and feel the thrust of the wind. This is the experience to cherish for life.

Package Includes:

  1. Tour and Introduction to all facilities at Airfield
  2. Flying for 30 Minutes
  3. Lunch (* On a booking of 5 or more in the same time slot)

INR 6,500 / individual+Taxes